About Mark James:

     Mark James, is a South London Guitarist, Singer, Lyricist, with his new wave,fold blues, acoustic style, delivered with an attitude and passion.  


     A guitar player back in the nineties for "sleaze bands", like the "Gutter Snipes", "Touch Of Evil" and "Marked Force", he played  the UK, Europe, Japan and beyond and even played live on a German TV show.  More recently he formed and played some London Hot Spots with a new wave band, "The Psycho Criminals, releasing their Rock & Roll E.P. "Super Hits".  Mark then traveled to the United States to do some recording and played clubs in Chicago and New York City, in addition to writing and recording with various solo artists in London.

     Mark returned to the studio in 2012 with American Vocalist Maria Walker to record and later perform as "The Hiding Place", playing some key shows in London and although the recordings were never released there are hopes for a vinyl release in 2019.

     In 2015 he returned to the studio to record a solo album "Dangerous Guitars" along with Steve Honest producing and backed by the "Technicolor Vibe"  The solo album which is a selection of some of Mark's work past and present and focuses on a variety of different musical styles.  With a little help from some very talented friends, the end result is an excellent album that will keep  your feet a tapping and is currently available on Dreamscape Records

     Mark will be touring the UK in 2019 and hopefully also be doing some dates in the United States later this year.  After the tour he is expected to return to the studio to record a new vinyl E.P. which will also be released by the label.

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